Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Hold a true friend with both your hands." ~Nigerian Proverb

in this life

today, i was taught many, many things. all of them relate to friendship. my parents pointed out tonight that "you can't have more than one best friend." but, i disagree. i have about ten best friends. in my opinion, a friend is someone you talk to at school, call every now and again, and you spend little time with when necessary. but a best friend is someone you talk to every single day, someone who can make you laugh till you cry, someone you can call whenever you need to and you know they'll be there in an instant, kind of like our very own "minutemen". i have tons of friends, a few best friends, and i have one ashley davis. she is my number one in life, outside of family. she's been there since we met, and she's not going anywhere.
this afternoon, i came home from school, and then i went on a run with josh, one of those best friends. we're insanely out of shape, so we'd run a bit, then walk. as we walked, it started raining, but we didn't care. we had a long talk about friends and life, and it pretty much inspired tonight's blog. josh is having friend issues at the moment, but it'll get better. it's crazy to think about how fast friendships can end, because looking back, i hardly talk to any of my old friends. my best friends in middle school were different in elementary school, and my best friends in high school are not the same ones i had in middle school. i'm sure my college friends will be new, too. my mom always told me (you can tell i get tons of vital information from her and my dad) that in life, you might find one good friend if you're lucky. i've found mine, and a few more to go with it. , so i consider myself one of the luckiest girls alive.
losing friends is super hard to go through, because someone can mean a lot to you, and then walk out without warning. sometimes, we're at fault and don't realize it. friendship is a two way street. you can't be your own best friend.
i guess my main point in tonight's blog is that everyone needs someone, whether you're a friend, a best friend, or an ashley davis. without my friends, i don't know what i'd do. so, i'll leave you with this: "A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half-cracked." -Unknown

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