Tuesday, September 15, 2009

don't forget the "I LOVE YOU"


in this life

today was overall a good day. it started off with spilling coffee all over myself before i left home, but it didn't show up on my clothes, luckily. i got to school late, but my teacher didn't count me tardy. my best guy friend in my class is still sick, i found out today that he has strep throat. (if that's how you spell it, haha) now, i can focus on the good in today. my mom made soup and volcano biscuits, haha. it has cheese in the middle that she melts and it sort of erupts. but anyways, i'm actually going somewhere with this. my point in all of this random information is: no matter how bad things start off, you need to hang in there, because there's always something good to get out of it in the end. in my case, it was a volcano biscuit. another thing, cherish your friends and family, because you have no clue how short life is. my uncle's niece is in the hospital, and the family is having a meeting either tomorrow or thursday to decide whether or not they want to pull the plug. i have never had to experience the loss of someone close to me like that, thankfully. but, i really don't want to have to ever go through that. so next time you are around your friends, family, or just someone important, remind them what they mean to you. you never know what one simple "i love you" can mean to someone. i was having one of the worst days ever last week, and my mom kissed my forehead and said, "sara, you're my bright spot in the dark." those words made my day turn completely around, and i forgot all about my bad mood. i guess the quote i could tie in with this would be, "don't frown, you never know who's falling in love with your smile." -anonymous.


  1. This is really good, check out my blogs on myspace. They are mostly poems...in fact they are all poems but anyway please check them out Sara!!!! But your insight on life is great.

  2. this one's my favorite even though i love all of them. thanks for following me :) i don't know what i did but i'm followong myself & i can't figure out how to stop. haha. i feel stupid but yes i love this so far. my blogs will not ever be as insightful as yours though :)

    love you.<33