Wednesday, October 7, 2009


in this life

everyone has their own private issues, whether it's a split family, the death of a parent, or something else. everyone has something they're embarrassed about. let me put it this way: when you're walking through the mall, and you see someone, you have this automatic judgement of them in your head, even if you have never seen them before. if you see a guy in baggy pants to his knees, an xxxxxxl tshirt, and his chain around his neck could reach his toes, you think, "thug". that guy could come out of a respectable home, and be valedictorian of his class. if you see a guy dressed in black pants with a black shirt, tons of piercings and tattoos, and long hair with a guitar on his shoulder, you'll automatically think, "gothic" or "punk", when that guy could be in a band that plays for the Lord. when you see a girl dressed head to toe in juicy couture and gucci clothes, you automatically think, "spoiled". when she could be working four jobs as a nineteen year old college student, paying for all she has. my point here is, you can't really know a person unless you get to know them. everyone deserves a chance. cliques form from teens liking the same stuff, and getting along. i bet the little girl with glasses and clothes that are two sizes too small is just as nice as the girl who gets all she wants from her rich parents. everyone needs a friend, and you don't need to pick your friends by what they wear, who they're friends with, what they wear, or how smart they are. you'll be surprised to find how many of those people that are "outcasts" are actually cool, just in a different package. it's kind of like a present. if you have a gift wrapped in sparkly paper, with a big bow on top, and a gift that's just stuck in a shoebox and wrapped in newspaper, odds are, you're going to pick the pretty gift first, because it looks nicer. what if there was a $100 bill in the shoebox, and a pair of socks in the pretty box? a lot of times, this happens because we judge whether or not we want to talk to someone by their outward appearance, and not by whether or not they have potential to be what you're looking for. so, talk to new people. invite them to sit with you at lunch. you never know how bad they need a friend right now.

sara (:

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