Sunday, September 20, 2009


in this life

today was a great day. i didn't realize how difficult it would be to keep up a blog on the weekends, it's pretty much impossible. my schedule stayed busy. cameron's shoot went especially well, (picture five) and the pictures with brian turned out perfect. (picture four and three) i did some senior environmentals for a girl in my school today named elizabeth, (picture two) and they went very well. after that shoot, i went to my cousin's engagement "tea party". being the small-town southern girl i am, this was my first "tea". i felt sort of out of place, but i ate eclairs, and they were delicious.
now that you know all my pointless information, i'll tell you what i learned. on saturday, i learned that there is someone out there for everyone, no matter who you are. today, i learned that there is nothing closer than family. that's what i'll touch on tonight. my grandparents from virginia came down to stay with us saturday night. my grandfather, wayne bolton, (picture one) is my absolute favorite person on this earth. every time i see him, i can't help but smile. he's such a great person, and he shows me how much he loves me every chance he gets, whether it's a kiss on the forehead or an "i love you". family should mean the most, and be above all others, because in the end, that might be all you've got. cherish moments you share with family, because no one lives forever. tonight, i will leave you with this: "The family is a haven in a heartless world." ~Attributed to Christopher Lasch

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  1. sara, i just want you to know that your blogs helped me. iwa having seriously the worst night ever. but reading the things youve written make me think. you always smile even when everything is wrong because you make yourself remember that someone out there is alot worse off than you are and deep down, through all the bad, you know youre blessed. i dont know exactly what im trying to get out of this, but you helped me. youre talented babygirl. of course, with your photography but with your writing too. dont stop believing in yourself. thanks for taking the amazing pictures you take--the ones posted made me smile.. and thanks for blogging--because even if you dont help anyone else, you helped me tonight.\
    love you<3
    -sammmi :)